Sunday, November 05, 2006

You Won't Be Sorry

I stand corrected. Molten Chocolate cakes are not the best chocolate dessert on earth. Nick Malgiere's Supernatural Brownies are. His cookbook won the Julia Child award for the best baking book, you can read a blurb about that and get the recipe at the above link. I found them at David Lebovitz's site, and he's a man who really knows chocolate, so I decided to try this recipe. I used Cadbury Dark Chocolate bars for the chocolate, and they worked well. Make sure you butter the parchment paper. I didn't and it was not good. I had to bake mine for an extra few minutes. They are deliciously fudgy. The edges aren't chewy like mix brownies (I wish they were- that is the only improvement the brownies could stand.) Make these brownies. Now.

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Paige and Garrett Smith said...

Holly, I find it incredibly difficult to believe that there exists a dessert better than molten chocolate cakes. I wouldn't be afraid to put my cakes in a contest against your brownies. I even bought special dishes SOLELY for the purpose of making my molten chocolate cakes. I'll have to see if these brownies are REALLY all they're cracked up to be!