Monday, November 20, 2006

The knob on my old oven, when turned to choose the baking temperature, is correct if you turn it left to right. If you turn it right to left, it is about 100 degrees too hot.

This, my friends, is what happens when you try to bake Lucky 32 Sour Cream Apple Pie at 450 instead of 350 degrees.
yes, the picture is blurry. but I think you get the idea.

Since the pie was unfit to bring to the birthday celebration I made it for, it has been sitting on my counter all day. I find all pies irresistable, so despite it's tarry edges, this pie is almost half gone.

The recipe is usually a good one. I like it. If you use apples other than granny smith, then cut down on the sugar. I used a jonagold/granny smith mixture in the tar pie, and I cut the sugar in half.

Also, note that this pie is baked in a 10-inch springform pan. I would put a jellyroll pan underneath, as the pie might overflow and then the juices will be forever burned in the bottom of your oven.

Lucky 32 Sour Cream Apple Pie

1 ¼ cups sour cream
2 eggs
1 ½ cups sugar
2 ¼ tsp vanilla
1/3 tsp salt
2 Tbls flour
2 ¼ lbs Granny Smith Apples
1 recipe pie dough
1 ½ cups apple pie topping
¼ lb butter

½ cup flour
2 oz. walnut pieces
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 Tbls cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350. Combine sour cream and eggs in large mixing bowl and whip until creamy. Add sugar, vanilla, salt and flour and blend thoroughly. Core and slice the apples directly into sour cream mixture. Toss apples to coat well. Place dough in a 9” springform cake pan. Using fingers, press dough gently until pan is evenly covered and smooth. Add sour cream apple mixture into pan. Spread topping (described below) evenly over the top of the pie. Cut butter into pats and place over the top of pie. Bake in preheated 350 oven for 2 hours and 20 minutes. (Pie may be frozen and served later.)

Topping: combine flour, brown sugar, walnuts, cinnamon in the bowl of a food processor. Blend until ingredients are crumbled.
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