Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bostini Cream Pie

What an appropriate time for the Daring Bakers to celebrate Boston.

This month we made delicious Bostini Cream Pie. It was a delicious mini chiffon cake with an orange twist, sitting in a bath of creamy custard and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Boston Cream Pie being one of my favorite desserts, I was excited to try this month's challenge. It was a hit with the whole family, and luckily the "8-serving" recipe actually made 20 servings (I made them in muffin tins as I do not have 7-oz ramekins). Leftovers were delicious, too, though I prefer it fresh so the cake is room temperature.

I liked the cake, but it doesn't compare to my favorite Boston Cream Pie. That's why I might not make this recipe again. My favorite is located at some very old restaurant in Boston. I don't remember the name of the place, just the loud-laughing drunk girl, good company, and delicious Boston Cream Pie with sliced almonds stuck to the side.

It wasn't too difficult to make. I have always had good luck in making custards and puddings, but this one started to get lumpy on me. I think I heated it too quickly. I salvaged it because I didn't have another 4 cups of heavy cream to spare. Also, the chiffon cake can be fussy. I had two muffin tins, and one I cooked until they were golden, the other I took out a few minutes before. They were done, but not at all golden. They looked kind of sickly white, actually, and I was worried about them. Turns out that sickly white made for a better texture.

If you decide to try the recipe, you can find it here http://alpineberry.blogspot.com/ . Note that you will need a LOT of cream and like 20 eggs.

Oh yeah, and here's a picture of last month's challenge. I cannot beleive I never posted about it because it was really to-die-for. The dough was so yummy with a hint of lemon. I only made the sticky buns, but if I was making the cinnamon rolls, I would add butter to the cinnamon filling. Other than that, they are perfect! Try this. http://creampuffsinvenice.ca/2007/09/30/a-daring-bakers-ode-to-buns-cinnamon-and-sticky-that-is/
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