Monday, October 13, 2008

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

This weekend we attended our local classic car show and festival. After staring at cars, collecting some free stuff from booths, and letting Ava do some crafts, we were ready for lunch.

We were betting that the little old ladies of a local church would have the best food booth. They also happened to have the shortest line. So we ordered some chicken wings for Ava and Ryan and I ordered BBQ chicken sandwiches. The resulting chicken leg between two peices of wonder bread really made us laugh. I guess I'm still not quite a southerner. I was expecting shredded chicken or at least boneless. ah well, I ate the leg (it was tasty) and fed Asher little bites of bread, which he thorougly enjoyed.
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Paige said...

Ok. Very funny. I do wonder what they were thinking, though...

Sara said...

Those little old ladies have got a good idea there...I'm going to have to try that for dinner tonight. Nothing like the nice bite of a drumstick in your sandwich.