Friday, December 28, 2007

Logs. Yum.

Just a little disclaimer: I am having issues with my camera card and loading pictures. I have been putting off posting because of it, but now I have decided to go ahead and post without the pics for the time being. Bear with me.

Ah, the Yule Log. A treasured tradition for many; my family thought The Log was just hilarious. Here is the picture of Ryan and I holding the Yule log. He is laughing because he just learned that this was my own creation. What's so funny about that?

My sister thought it was unappetizing to decorate a cake to look like a rotting log with mushrooms growing on it. I'm not sure why everybody else kept laughing at The Log, but that's what they did. Maybe they couldn't help themselves because it turned out so darn cute.

I loved this challenge because. It was really fun to decorate. I had more fun with this than with any other Daring Baker challenge yet. It doesn't get better than wood-graining a cake and sculpting little mushrooms out of marzipan. A good time was had by all.

As for the taste, it was pretty good. Classic, light cake with classic, fluffy buttercream frosting on the outside. I made mine chocolate as I don't do coffee. I also chose to use almond flavoring in the filling, which I enjoyed. It went over okay, but we had some leftovers, so I think I will try a different recipe next year. Yep, I will be logging it up again next Christmas.


Deborah said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. The almond filling sounds tasty.

Baking Soda said...

Recipes you won't make again? How come? Because they laughed at your creative fluids working together to create this challenge? They should be banned from any Log-party!
( made me really want to see your pics!)

Holly Dart said...

baking soda! I won't be making it again because I will be trying OTHER yule logs- it was good, but not my favorite. A little sweet and fluffy for my taste. If you like your cake sweet and fluffy, then you should definitely make this cake because it was really good for a sweet fluffy one.

Dolores said...

You had fun with it... that's what matters. And yes, I'm still commenting on the December challenge as I heat up my oven to start working on January's confection...