Tuesday, September 16, 2008

new item!

I just added a new element to my page. If you scroll down, you will see my Delicious bookmarks on the right. I have been using Delicious for years now. Two years, almost exactly. I have a Delicious tag on my Internet Explorer toolbar, and whenever I see a recipe that I might want to make some day, I just tag it. It has been really handy for me and I am no longer left wondering "now where did I see that recipe for coconut cupcakes/fig ice cream/lasagne soup?".

Now you can see what I'm tagging!

This does have a downside. Now I can't tag anything embarrassing, like the NKOTB fan club or a recipe that uses canned cream of chicken soup or something else that is not foodie friendly. Don't tell the others.


Sara said...

Holly, I really love reading your food blog. I hate to say that I don't have much energy for cooking anymore, but I still REALLY enjoy reading about cooking. You do a great job.

Brooke Rane said...

i love all your little updates to your blogs! hope you guys have been doing well!!