Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You walk the line

You guys are such good, rule-abiding entrants.

All 5 of you.

Yeap, we have only 5 entries so far for the Williams-Sonoma gift card contest. (LMP vs. Swedish apple pie from Paige, Sugar cookies vs. sugar cookies from Deborah, Chocolate Chip cookies vs. chocolate chip cookies from Kimmy as well as Sara, and Lemon Bars vs. Lemon Bars from Blair)

Anyway, I wanted to let everybody know that you've been very good about posting recipes with glaring similarities to mine. However, if you'd rather, your similarities can be a little more abstract (ie: they both contain eggs, they both go well with ice cream, I crave them both at midnight, whatever)

After all, this is really just a way for me to finagle your best recipes out of you.

good luck!

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Mariah said...

Such a cute baby!